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Annapolis Marine Art Gallery

Since the year 1979, our gallery has provided the best of marine art to the Mid-Atlantic collector community. Located at City Dock in Annapolis, the gallery is open seven days a week to the public. Our featured artists include: John Barber, the artistic essence of the Chesapeake, prints and original paintings; Willard Bond and the action of world-class sailboat racing; original oils, watercolors, and prints: Patrick O’Brien and the age of sail; Paul Landry’s romantic portrayal of the Sea; see John Ruseau’s page for the best in watercolors – we have an extensive collection of his works on display. And we are proud to display the originals and limited edition prints of renowned artist John Stobart.

Howard Schafer Original Oil Paintings Auction

The Annapolis Marine Art Gallery is pleased to announce its online auction of seven original oil paintings by Howard Schafer. The auction runs through December 18th. VIEW PAINTINGS!


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