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The Annapolis Marine Art Gallery

Annapolis Marine Art Gallery

It is our 40th year providing the best of marine art to the Mid-Atlantic collector community. Please join us in 2017, our fourth decade in business. Conveniently located at City Dock in downtown Annapolis, our gallery is open seven days a week.

Our 50+ artists include John Barber, prints and originals, Willard Bond and his famous expressionistic sailing action in oils, prints and watercolors. Patrick O’Brien and oil paintings dramatizing the classic age of sail. Paul Landry’s romantic portrayal of the sea and the home front. John Ruseau and the very best in watercolors.  We are proud to display the originals and limited edition prints of the great John Stobart.  These artists are the best in the marine art idiom. They have set the pace for many other great talents.

Custom Framing

The Annapolis Marine Art Gallery offers a huge range of framing options. We can provide you with consultation to discuss design and materials. Whatever you may be framing, creativity and skill in design is a matter of pride.

Commissioned Artwork

Several of our artists regularly accept commissions. If you have a vision of a painting done exclusively for you, please contact the gallery, and we will be happy to assist you. Some of our artists who are available for commissioned artwork include John Barber, Kelly McConnell Cox, and metal sculptor Paul Lockhart.

Art Appraisals

The Annapolis Marine Art Gallery provides expert art appraisals, primarily focused on artists represented in the gallery. Call us for an estimate of an appraisal of your collection of marine art.

Payment Plans

We offer a four-month payment plan. The total cost for the artwork is divided into four equal parts to be paid for on the same day of four consecutive months. No interest is applied to our payment plan.

Gift Certificates

Annapolis Marine Art Gallery offers the option of purchasing gift certificates. Gift certificates may be purchased over the phone or in the gallery.


We do our own packing and shipping. We know from experience how to protect objects of art for shipment. Problems are rare, but if damage is reported, we give the matter urgent personal attention.