Water, Water Everywhere
Judith Dickinson

Water, Water Everywhere

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28 x 22" Original Oil painting by renowned portrait artist Judith Dickinson


Judith considers her love, passion, and ability to create and reproduce beauty to be a truly spiritual experience. Judith began painting in oils at 8 years of age under the tutelage of an artist who observed her talent and offered to teach her. She has been fortunate to continue her art education through the years working under some top artists, most recently Craig Tennant, Anthony Ryder and Michael Shane Neal. Judith has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, Art Collector Magazine, and Art of the West Magazine

"Portrayal of light in the depiction of the beauty of my world is my main goal to accomplish. I believe my responsibility as an artist is to “talk” about the particular world in which I live. My greatest love is to show the character, the story, and the beauty of the people who surround me."

Selected Commissions
Colorado State Governor – Bill Ritter
Federal Judge – Phillip Figa
Judge Judy
Adams County Gov. Center

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