John Stobart

Considered America’s greatest living marine artist, John Stobart spent boyhood holidays with his grandmother in Liverpool, England, where he came to know the bustling and gritty dockside. He was taught by England’s leading professional artists after landing a scholarship to England’s Royal Academy of Art. Elected to the Royal Society of Marine Artists, John Stobart moved to Canada in 1956. His first exhibition of paintings at the Kennedy Gallery in New York was an overnight sellout.

With thousands of hours of research and on-site drawings to aid him, John Stobart has single-handedly captured the spirit of the golden age of American maritime commerce. Through his vision, we can sense what it must have been like to see and smell a busy wharf at dawn or marvel at the presence of ships and stores in moonlight. All who love America are indebted to John Stobart for recapturing and preserving forever the treasure of America’s maritime heritage.