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Howard Schafer Auction

Howard SchaferThe Annapolis Marine Art Gallery is pleased to announce its online auction of seven original Howard Schafer oil paintings. All were sold new here at the gallery to a single collector, and each painting is shown with and without a frame. The auction/sale of the seven Howard Schafer oils closes on December 18, 2017, at 6 pm. Winners will be notified and invoices emailed  within 1 day following the auction's close. Our regular shipping charges will apply, and Maryland sales tax will be added for Maryland buyers. There is no auctioneer or add-on fee collected from the buyer.  Reserves apply.
Bids can be communicated through the website, by phone, and in person. The communication of any bid is the responsibility of the bidder. Although we will be as responsive as business allows, we cannot certify that your telephone or in-person bid will be entered in time for consideration. Bidders are strongly urged to employ the website to enter bids during the run-up for each item. Whomever has the highest bid, duly communicated and entered, at 6:00 PM on December 18, 2017, will be the winner of any given item.

About Howard Schafer
Howard Schafer specialized in marine art. He credited the Philadelphia School of Realists as an influence on his own work and technique. During the early 1960’s, he was an artist for Martin Marietta Corporation, depicting the exciting early stages of the US space program. Moving to New York City, he painted and illustrated for Popular Mechanics, Motor Boating and Sailing, American Aviation Magazines and a host of others. He opened his own summer studio-gallery on the New Jersey shore, where enthusiastic private art collectors bought his scenes, always reasonably priced. Howard moved to Florida in 1973, and his diverse career included running his own gallery, doing architectural renderings along the Treasure Coast, and painting for galleries in New York and Los Angeles, as well as the Chesapeake Bay for Annapolis Marine Art.  It was a great loss to the marine art community when Howard Schafer passed away in April, 2004.