Ron Holyfield

Ron Holyfield’s paintings exhibit a sense of presence that could be created only through a deep love of subject and a mastery of technical skills. For the past 35 years Ron has worked only in acrylics, developing many techniques suited to his expertly-detailed style of painting.

Ron and his wife, noted artist Kay Williams, presently live in the beautiful Tennessee River Valley in southeastern Tennessee, near the Smokey Mountains. They spend weeks each year doing field research, traveling from the barrier islands along the east coast to the rugged mountains of the northwest. Since 1994, Ron and Kay spend three months each summer painting prairie scenes in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where they live with about 1500 Buffalo.

Ron’s exhibits include most of the important nature and wildlife art shows in the US, and his work has been awarded notable BEST OF SHOW and ARTIST OF THE YEAR awards.