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1926 - 2012

Notice to our Bond Enthusiasts all over the world - Willard passed away on Saturday, May 19, 2012 in Yountville, California. He was close to his daughter, Gretchen de Limur, who cared for him during his last days. We mourn the loss of one of the world's most talented artists and most lively personalities. We shall miss him.

Willard Bond was quite simply the number-one painter of sailing action in the world. His posters and prints - his originals in oil and watercolor, have won him a huge following among sailors and those who love the constant movement of the sea in all its moods.
    He was born in the Pacific Northwest and grew up on Lake Cour d'Alene in Northern Idaho. In World War II he acquired experience on battleships, cruisers and destroyer escorts while serving in the South Pacific and was among the first miliary personnel in occupied Japan.
    Bond spent 15 years of "making the SoHo scene" in lower Manhattan, both as a ceramic muralist and as an easel artist. His large ceramic murals from this period can still be seen around New York at Cannon Point North under the 59th Street Bridge and at the Eugene O’Neill Theater, to name a few. Bond was then bitten by the Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome bug and moved to a rain jungle by the sea in Jamaica, where he experimented with geodesic dome construction for five years.
    The advent and design of today’s sleek racing boat and Bond's artistic interpretation have proven a perfect match. Willard was fortunate enough to get involved with the Freedom Syndicate during the 1984 America's Cup series. He was invited to straphang on Freedom in a warmup tacking duel with Liberty before the last Liberty-Courageous race. Since then he had been getting additional onboard experience in world class racing.


Willard Bond has been featured in several definitive magazines and books on the subject of marine art. His work appeared in "Bound for Blue Water," a compendium of the best of marine art and artists authored by marine art authority Russell Jinishian. He says, "Bond creates paintings, not around what the boats look like, but what it feels like to be aboard or nearby, watching them move fast - big, speeding boats often only inches apart while aiming for the same unsuspecting mark. If you want to know what it is like to be in the heat of a yacht race, just take a look at a painting by Willard Bond."

   Bond studied at the Chicago Art Institute, the Art Students League of New York and is a graduate of Pratt Institute Art School. He is a Fellow in the American Society of Marine Artists. Bond was featured in an article in the summer 1980 edition of Sea History, the Winter, 1982 edition of Nautical Quarterly, and the August 1987 issue of The Yacht. Willard paints in his studio in the Catskills and is a frequent visitor to Annapolis for the United States Sailboat Show, and for openings at the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery.

   We at Annapolis Marine Art are proud to represent Willard Bond We have become the largest dealer of Bond paintings and images anywhere.

    Willard Bond Prints

POSTERS ~  Full color lithographs on glossy paper, Unlimited edition size
                                                                                    Standard Poster size Approx 20" by 26"

                                  LIMITED EDITIONS ~ Full color lithographs on archival paper, Edition size 750
                                                            Signed and numbered by the artist, -
Standard Size Approx 20" by 26"

                                        GICLEE PRINTS ~ Large-format images on paper or canvas, Edition Size, 150
                                                                                 Signed and numbered by the estate of Willard Bond
                                                Digitally reproduced, 100 times more resolution than a conventional lithograph
Standard Size 30" by 40", Custom sizes available - call for pricing

                                                - Click on images to enlarge -


                                                                                                                          at                                                                                                                                                                                               At The Mark Poster $45


                         At The Mark Limited Edition $200        


            At the Mark Giclee $975


                    off anna           
                          Off Annapolis Poster $45


    Off Annapolis Giclee $975


  Bermuda Run Giclee $975


                                                                                      Breaking Through Giclee $975


    Layline Giclee     23" x 25 "    $975


  Close Hauled Giclee $975


      Cup Contender Limited Edition $200             




                                                                                          Coming On Giclee $750


                                                                                    hull speed
                                                                                                  Hull Speed Poster $45

                                                                                        first around
                                                                                    First Around Limited Edition $200

                                                                                         First Around Giclee $975

                                                                                         sloop gree
                                                                        Sloop on an Off Green Sea Limited Edition $200

      Take Down Poster $45

                                                                                Take Down Limited Edition $200

    Star Wars Poster $45


                                                                                          Star Wars Giclee $975

                                                                                     Battle At the Mark Giclee $975


                                                                          horizon job
                                                                                             Horizon Job Poster $45
                                                                                              Horizon Job Giclee $975

         on the bow
      On the Bow Limited Edition $200


                                                                            on the edge
                                                                                            On the Edge Poster $45


     On the Edge Giclee $975


        pacific drop 
Pacific Drop Giclee $975



    Leading the Fleet Giclee $975


norht seas
  North Sea Giclee $975


           Knarr Class Limited Edition $200


                                                                                         Knarr Class Giclee $975


   The Seventh Wave  Giclee $975


Screamers Giclee $975


                                                                                   take down 
                                                                                Gossamer Takedown Giclee $975


                                                                                      Inches to Spare Poster $45

                                                                                          Crossings Giclee $975


                                                                                        Running Home Poster $45
                                                                                Running Home Limited Edition $200
                                                                                        Running Home Giclee $975

                                                                                     Spinnaker Heaven Giclee $975


                                                                                        Summer Trio Giclee $975


                                                                                   off new port
                                                                                          Off Newport Giclee $975
                                                                                       Riding the Wind Poster $45
                                                                                      Riding the Wind Giclee $975

                                                                                        Comin' Atchya! Giclee $975

                                                                                            Courageous Giclee $975


                                                                                        Windward Shore Giclee $975

Sailing High Giclee $975


                                                                                            Afterguard Giclee $975


                                                                                      February 14th Giclee $975

                                                                                          Bloody Mary Giclee $975


                                                                                                                             Following Sea Giclee $975


                                                                                    Courageous Catching Up Giclee $975


                                                                                            Getting There Giclee $975


                                                                              Spinnaker Drop on Courageous Giclee $975

                                                                                    Sailor Take Warning Giclee $975

                                                                                   Spinnaker Wall Giclee $975

                                                                                    A Delicate Balance Giclee $975


                                                                                      Split Decision Giclee $975

                                                                                   Big Yellow Giclee (Oversize) $1075


                                                                                         The Wave Giclee $975


                                                                                                   BOLD AND THE WET
                                                                              The Bold and the Wet Giclee $975


                                                                                        Yellow Sky Giclee 30 x 60 $1075


Dulcibella at the Mark 36" x 70 $2950



Shallow Waters     Giclee      36 x 52     $1450


Fantasy Regatta     35 x 40      Giclee        $975


Yellow Spinnaker Drop       30 x 40        Giclee       $975


                                                               Dousing the Chute     30 x 40        Giclee        $975


Coming Storm     30 x 40     Giclee       $975







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Prints Shown Below

Six New Bond Giclee Prints Available!

Willard Bond's print editions are published in several formats:

POSTERS ~  Full color lithographs on glossy paper, Unlimited edition size

Standard Poster size Approx 20" by 26"

 Price $45

~ Full color lithographs on archival paper, signed and numbered by the artist, Edition size 750

Standard Size Approx 20" by 26"

Price $200

GICLEE PRINTS ~ Large-format images on paper or canvas, signed and numbered by the Estate of the Artist. Digitally reproduced, 100 times more resolution than a conventional lithograph, Edition Size 150  

Standard Size 30" by 40", Custom sizes available.

Price $975

Any given print might be available in only one format or all three.
Available formats are designated below each print as follows:   

P = Poster   L = Limited Editon   G = Giclee


This is the question we answer most. "Giclee" is a colloquial French term for "little sprays" and refers to a method of art printing which utilizes digital and ink-jet technology. The prints are special for their extreme resolution, faithfulness to the original, and size flexibility.

The original painting is imaged using very high-resolution photographyand angular lighting which highlights surface texture, particularly in the case of oil paintings. The image is stored digitally and printed, one at a time, in a process which requires about an hour and a half per sheet.The printer utilizes nozzles which spray 7-micron pixels onto paper orcanvas. The image is often finished with a varnish which adds an additional protective layer against moisture and fading.

In the quest for prints which are as close to the original as possible, Giclee is a quantum leap from traditional four-color lithography.



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